Saturday, 29 March 2008

Jane Blonde series, Jill Marshall

Jane Blonde Spies Trouble Jill Marshall, Macmillan, 198 pages, 2007, paperback, NZ$17.00
ISBN 0-330-43825-5

The first book in this series Jane Blonde Sensational Spylet (2006) established demure schoolgirl Janey Brown’s secret identity as a lycra-clad superspy. This sequel, Jane Blonde Spies Trouble, might have been a tiresome repeat of a well-worn spoof but fortunately Jill Marshall, who now lives in New Zealand, has an effervescent imagination that keeps events unpredictable and amusing.

Even as our platinum-haired heroine struggles to become a fully qualified spylet, she finds herself pitted against scientists who plan to use the nine lives of her cat, Trouble, to achieve immortality. Armed only with chewing gum that lets her breathe underwater, Jane Blonde dives to the rescue. Jane Blonde Spies Trouble is for everyone who loves puns or has ever dreamed of owning a weapon called Alfie’s Boy-battler.

This review appeared in The Press, Christchurch, on 7th April 2007

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