Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cherub: The General, by John Muchamore

Cherub: The General Robert Muchamore, Hodder Children’s Books UK, 329 pages, paperback, NZ$34.99. [NZ agents: Hachette Livre, PO Box 100-749, North Shore Mail centre, Auckland 1333, NZ]

Young man’s fancy

A young man is much like a cat,” Kazakov smiled ruefully. “He wants food, sex and fun.”

Kazakov, a Ukrainian survivor of the Soviet Union's Afghanistan campaign, helps train the teenage agents of Cherub in spying and sabotage. James (16) is a typical agent. After rioting and looting in London, he helps Kazakov defeat US troops in a desert war game and cheat a fortune from a Las Vegas casino.

The Cherub series is a boy’s fantasy world, offering military trappings, girls, a bathroom well supplied with condoms, no parents, and lashings of violence. There are already ten volumes in this nasty series with more on the way.

Trevor Agnew

This review was first published in Your Weekend magazine on 20 Sep 2008.

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