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Glorious Gloria and the Flying Trapeze: book review

Glorious Gloria and the Flying Trapeze

Book review by Trevor Agnew


Glorious Gloria and the Flying Trapeze (2013) Don Pilgrim, ill. Rachel Moot, 10 pages, paperback, ISBN 978 0 473 26120 7 

Because “she was small but wanted to be tall,” Gloria put on high heels. In search of adventure, she went down the street to a circus. Inside the tent, she took off her high heels and climbed high up the ladder and swung high on the trapeze. 
When she falls, Gloria screams for help. A strong hand grasps hers and a calm voice tells her, “Gloria, hold on to me; trust me.”  To her surprise Gloria finds that she can now walk tall without her high heels. The voice continues to comfort her, “Keep trusting me. I’ll be with you always.”

Don Pilgrim has created a sweet tale about trusting in God. Rachel Moot’s simple colour illustrations neatly match the message of this parable.

 Trevor Agnew (24 Feb 2015)

Recent edition info:

Publisher name:                      Don Pilgrim
[Publisher is Don Pilgrim:]
Binding                                   Paper back


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