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Go Home Flash: book review

Go Home Flash  
Book review by Trevor Agnew

Go Home Flash (2014) Ruth Paul (text & ill) Scholastic, Auckland NZ, 32 pages, paperback  ISBN 978 1 77543 245 6 

This large format picture book, Go Home Flash, is a sequel to the author-illustrator’s Bad Dog Flash (2013).  Once again the story is told in brief, simple verses, as the thoughts of the young pup, Flash. Here for example, Flash is left at home alone in the garden. Flash is not happy.



Hate gate.

Jump gate!

At this point there is a chorus which is repeated throughout the story. Somebody always calls out, “Go home, Flash.”

Flash is seen in all the familiar activities of a keen pup: begging for a walk, digging holes in the lawn, joining in children’s ball games, tipping rubbish tins, popping into classrooms and stowing away in cars. Always the response is the same.

Go home, Flash.”

The conclusion of the story has a delightful twist which young readers will enjoy.

This is a great story for reading aloud.

Ruth Paul’s charming watercolour illustrations make Flash an endearing puppy even at his naughtiest


Trevor Agnew 

10 Oct 2014  


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