Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pom and Pim

Book Review: Pom and Pim

by Trevor Agnew

Pom and Pim   Lena Landström, ill. Olof Landström, Gecko Press (2014)

Paper back NZ$19.99,

Hard back NZ$29.99 

Pom is a little girl, Pim is her beloved stuffed toy, and this picture book is a charming account of the ups and downs of a toddler’s life. Out for a walk, Pom is delighted when the sun shines. “What luck!” Then she trips and falls. “Ouch! Bad luck! On the ground, however, she finds enough money for an ice cream. “Money! What luck!” Pom’s day follows this pattern with each tiny disaster being followed by good fortune. Even when her balloon explodes, Pom can create happiness for herself and Pim. 
This is an ideal first picture book for young people who, like Pom, have just mastered the art of walking, because they will instantly recognise Pom (while their parents will spot Pim as a child’s inseparable comfort-companion).  Husband and wife team, Lena and Olof Landström, have created a charming but unsentimental heroine for their fable of optimism and kindness.

Full Publishing Details:

Pom and Pim   Lena Landström, ill. Olof Landström, Gecko Press, Wellington New Zealand, 2014, 32 pages
Paper back $19.99 ISBN 978 1 877579 88 2
Hard back $29.99  ISBN 978 1 877579 66 0


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