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Where's Kiwi? book review

Where's Kiwi?

Book review by Trevor Agnew

Where’s Kiwi?  (2014) Myles Lawford (text and ill) Scholastic NZ, Auckland NZ, 32 pages, hardback  ISBN 978 1 77543 288 3

Based on the ever-popular Where’s Wally series, this puzzle picture books sends young readers in search of Kiwi. Each double-page colour illustration has a crowded New Zealand scene, often combining several features. Amongst the bustling people in each picture, readers are invited to search for the Kiwi, a Sporty Sheep in cool shades, a black-singleted farmer and a tuatara. There is also a Gandalf-like wizard, reflecting New Zealand’s film industry. (The picture of Wellington shows the crowds flowing seamlessly from the Beehive (parliament building) to the Wellywood premiere of a Tolkien film.)

Myles Lawford’s illustrations are lively fun, and the Kiwi and his friends are not easy to find. To add to the amusement, each picture has its own set of special features to look for. Thus the caving scene has nine moa bones and Wellywood has four elves.  Where’s Kiwi? is an amiable puzzle book, with a strong New Zealand flavour.

Trevor Agnew 

31 Oct 2014  







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