Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am Doodle Cat

I am Doodle Cat 
Kat Patrick, ill. Lauren Marriott,
Beat Books, 32pages, hardback, $29

I am Doodle Cat. I only know what I love,” is the arresting opening of this feline-flavoured book. Doodle’s list of things he loves is sometimes predictable – “I love friends” – occasionally unexpected – “I love maths” – and sometimes highly amusing to young readers of a certain age – “I love farts.”

The sheer unpredictability of Doodle’s choices makes this a book that will encourage readers to do some thinking. His claim to love the ocean, for example, may lead to scepticism. The maths-loving claim is justified by his carefully counted treasure trove, which includes three dead birds and four dead lizards. Doodle is no sentimentalist.

Doodle, who is artfully portrayed in Lauren Marriott’s skilful illustrations, saves his final question for the reader, “Who do you love?” Nor does the book end there. Kat Patrick has used the end-papers to explain the reasons for some of Doodle’s choices. Thus we are told what is important about trees, fractals, stars and – yes - even farts.
Trevor Agnew

This review was published on 24 Jan 2015, in Your Weekend magazine [Fairfax].

I am Doodle Cat  Kat Patrick, ill. Lauren Marriott (2014) Beat Books [Beatnik Publishing, Auckland], 32pp, hb, NZ$25. ISBN 978 0 9922648 2 6

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