Friday, 7 October 2016

Kiwi Corkers Bag of Books

                                          Kiwi Corkers Bag of Books : Great New Zealand Yarns
A Cute Kete
of Kiwi Books

Kiwi Corkers
Bag of Books
Scholastic NZ
ISBN 978-1-77543-426-9

The Kiwi Corkers series, published by Scholastic NZ, have always been handsome hardbacks, retellings in verse of classic fairy stories with Kiwi characters and settings. Now, in a crafty pre-Christmas marketing ploy, Scholastic is offering five of the best Kiwi Corkers as small (200mm x 191mm) paperbacks which come in their own stylish cloth book-bag. At NZ$25, that’s only $5 a book, a real bargain.

The titles are:

The Ugly Hatchling (2009) by Yvonne Morrison, ill. Dave Gunson (What if a Kiwi was raised by Pukekos?)

The Frog Footie Player (2012) by Chris Gurney, ill. John Bennett (All Black fans turn up in the most unexpected places. )

The Little Blue Duck (2009) by Chris Gurney, ill. Stevie Mahardhika  (What happens when a duck gets hold of the Edmonds Cookbook?)  

The Three Cattle Dogs Gruff (2015) by Chris Gurney, ill. Myles Lawford (Is that a taniwha under the bridge?)

The Tuatara and the Skink (2009) by Yvonne Morrison, ill. Donovan Bixley (We all know how this race will turn out but Bixley’s lovingly-detailed pictures make every page a delight.)

This is a cute kete.


Trevor Agnew
8 October 2016

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