Friday, 10 February 2017

Gavin Bishop Interview

Art-Life-Music: Gavin Bishop.
I have just been listening to Charlotte Wilson’s interview "Art-Life-Music: Gavin Bishop" on Radio New Zealand Concert. It's a marvellous interview, drawing on Gavin's interest in music.
He began with his childhood memories of a radio programme, "David and Dawn Under the Sea" – with Constable Leatherjacket and the other fishy folk. Its theme music; came from Tchaikovsky's Swan lake (Like Gavin, I used to listen to that programme and like him, I was surprised later on when I heard Tchaikovsky.

Gavin shows eclectic taste in the interview, ranging from Chinese opera to music for step-dancing in the gym. (Perhaps this is where the hero of Mister Whistler gets his moves from. 

Gavin gives an excellent series of answers, showing that as well as being a skilled artist and storyteller, he is also a great speaker.
If you want to hear of the surprise he got when he told a group of Chinese children the story of Rona and the Moon - the interview is available on the RNZ website as a podcast. Enjoy!,-life,-music-gavin-bishop
Gavin talks about his love of dancing in the interview. Here Mr Whistler does a little dance.

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