Saturday, 11 April 2020


We are proud to announce that the first chapter of our non-fiction book

Merchant Miner Mandarin
The Life and Times of the Remarkable Choie Sew Hoy

is now available for you to read on the Coalition for Books website

It’s the first entry in the Non-fiction section.

This means you can read the prologue and the first chapter, and admire the cover created by Gavin Bishop.

You can also see a few of the illustrations and one of the maps.

The book itself won’t be published till maybe/perhaps June.

(The exact date will of course be decided by the virus rather than the publishers, Canterbury University Press.)

The website also enables you to put in a pre-order if you wish ($49.99)

The website has the first chapter of many New Zealand books held up from publication by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Have a look at the other titles. 
In the Young Adult and Children's section you will find the first section of an amazing graphic novel/comic, The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathan King.

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