Sunday, 29 June 2008

The House on the Cliffs Ruth Dallas

The House on the Cliffs Ruth Dallas, Methuen UK, 1975, 157 pages, paper back.
ISBN: 0 416 24370 3

Judy Clearwater, new to life in the countryside, is lonely until she makes friends with Brenda, a farm-girl who boards at her shop-home during the week. 'It’s lonely on a farm too', says Brenda. Judy is frightened of Old Biddy, an eccentric lady who lives in isolated house on the cliffs, but gradually Judy sees that Biddy is not a witch and even comes to share her interest in saving an albatross.
The minor characters and tensions in the small coastal town of Sandy Bay are well-drawn, and the adventures that Judy and Brenda become involved in are interesting and plausible.
The illustrations are by Gavin Rowe.

Trevor Agnew

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