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Go, Green Gecko! book review

Go, Green Gecko!

Book review by Trevor Agnew

Go, Green Gecko! (2015)  Gay Hay, ill. Margaret Tolland, Page Break, Porirua NZ, 34 pages, paperback ISBN 978 0 473 27791 8  

This large format picture book, by the creators of Fantail’s Quilt (2011) presents a close-up view of a day in the life of a New Zealand gecko.  After “soaking up the morning sun” the gecko has the energy to hunt insects and sip the nectar from the rata blossoms, always “watching out for danger, looking here and there.”  The ever-present dangers are here represented by a kingfisher which makes its swoop in a dramatic fold-out page. Gecko seems doomed to be eaten by the kingfisher but geckos have a special ability that leads to a happy ending. “Safe. 

The plants and insects which are so important to the gecko are vividly portrayed in Margaret Tolland’s colourful illustrations. 

Three information pages give background details on geckoes in general and the Wellington Green Gecko (Naultinus elegans punctatus) in particular, including its physiology and Maori beliefs about it.

Trevor Agnew 

19 Feb 2015

Note: Publisher details:
Page Break Ltd, 11 Te Ara Road, Pukerua Bay, Porirua 5026, New Zealand
Page Break [Brenda Martin and Gay Hay];


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