Sunday, 8 March 2015

Max's Bear: book review

Max's Bear

Book review by Trevor Agnew

Max’s Bear  (2015) Barbo Lindgren, ill. Eva Eriksson, Gecko Press, Wellington NZ, 24 pages, board book edition.  ISBN 978 1 776570 00 3  

Here is Max’s bear. Max’s bear is kind.”

Max’s Bear is a companion volume to Max’s Bath (2008) and Max’s Wagon (2008) by the same team. All three are wonderful little books for toddlers to cut their teeth on, simple tales with recognisable situations. [All three titlesare now board books, sturdy enough to cope with young gums or teeth.]

Max’s Bear begins in a way all young readers will recognise, with young Max on his bed, playing with his dog and his toy bear. When the bear falls into the potty, Max becomes tearful until Dog comes to the rescue.

This story was first published in Sweden in 1981 as Max Nalle. The 2015 English translation is by Julia Marshall.


Trevor Agnew 

5 Feb 2015

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