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Where is Pim? book review

Where is Pim?

Book review by Trevor Agnew

Where is Pim? (2015) Lena Landström,  ill. Olof Landström, Gecko Press, Wellington NZ, 32 pages, paperback   ISBN 978 1 927271 74 2

Where is Pim? heralds the return of two highly-recognisable characters who first appeared in Pom and Pim (2014).   Pom is a small girl who has a slightly saggy stuffed toy called Pim. [Pim will be instantly identified by any parent of a toddler, as their child’s inseparable comfort-companion.]

In a sequence of events, horribly familiar to all parents and all children, Pim is suddenly nowhere to be seen, leaving Pom heart-broken. The guilty party is a dog who has run off clutching Pim in its jaws. Now Pom begins a search for Pim. “Pom is looking. The dog is looking too.”  The search, which is amusingly depicted, goes on through several false discoveries until Pim is returned in a manner that is pleasantly surprising for both Pom and her dog.

The truly ingenious part of this picture book is that there are two dogs. It’s only when the young reader spots the different colours of their collars, that the problem is resolved. This book reminds small readers of the importance of small details.

Olof Landstr m’s colour illustrations are a perfect complement to the simple language (and sprightly story) of Lena Landström.                         

This book was first published in Sweden in as Var ar Pim? (2013). The English translation is by Julia Marshall.


Trevor Agnew 

5 Feb 2015





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